Monday, May 20, 2013

Papa Was a Rolling Stone: A Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads are really difficult to buy for - or at least my dad is.  When I was a kid, my sisters and I always got him socks or a tie.  He always acted appreciative, but obviously no one wants socks and ties for a gift, like ever. So what should you get dear ole' dad (or the father-like dude in your life)?  Here are a few ideas, some from my shop and some from other shops.

1.  Does your dad have a hobby? Pay attention to what he does in his free time, and buy him an accessory for that.  Maybe a model airplane kit.  Fishing pole.  Tools.  Whatever.     Does he like photography?  Get him a vintage camera like this one.

vintage polaroid
2. Clothing and accessories are good if you have a good feel for your dad's style.  Find out his size and purchase accordingly.  However, don't buy something you like for him if it's not his taste.  Remember this is about him, so buy something he will actually enjoy.  These are a nice option if you have a little more money to spend and know your dad's shoe size.  

leather shoes
3.  Food or booze.  Sign him up for a beer of the month club, make him dinner, or bring him his favorite candy if he has a sweet tooth.  Or these spicy pickles are neat, if that's more this thing.

jalapeno pickles

4. Books - maybe a gift card to a book store if you don't know what he wants.  Or if you know your dad well enough to know what his interests are, find something cool and wrap it.  Wrapped gifts are just fun all around.

Whatever you do, don't get him socks or a tie, unless he asks for it specifically (he won't).

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