Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Day in the Life

Right now I work as a nanny (transitioning out to work on my shop, but on the occasional day off to work on my store, here's what my typical day looks like.

6:00 Wake up, check etsy for sales.  Obsessively check my store metrics 10-12 times.  Drink copious amounts of coffee.  Surf web.
7:00 Make breakfast.  Check store metrics.  Check store metrics a few more times.  Add a new listing to store.
8:00 Shower, get ready, possibly write a blog post.
8:30 Post office to see my favorite lady Marva and ship any sold items.
9:00 Start hitting thrift shops, flea markets, etc.
12:00 Finish up shopping.  Make lunch.  Eat.  Check store metrics.
1:00 Record new items information.  Take photos.
1:30 Edit photos.  Check store metrics.
3:00 Catch up on Mob Wives.  Check store metrics.  Straighten up the house.
4:00 Walk dogs.
5:00 Start to make dinner. Check store metrics.
6:30 Eat dinner with husband.  Talk about store metrics.
7:30 List a new item.
8:00 Check store metrics.  Relax(ish).
10:00 Go to sleep.

Yeah.  That.

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