Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Going to the Chapel....

And we're gonna get married!

Actually I'm already married, but if I were going to do it over again, I would do a few things differently.

First, I would mother effing elope.  Weddings are expensive.  And dramatic.  And did I  mention expensive? I wish I had just taken the dollars spent and put it towards, oh I dunno, a house?!

So!  Here's what I would do if I could go back in time.

1.  Courthouse wedding!  You don't need a fancy dress or veil or shoes or anything really.  Wear jeans if you want.  (I don't think I'd wear jeans, though.)  Here's a dress from my shop that I think would be gorgeous at a courthouse wedding or elopement.
2. Go to your favorite restaurant with your favorite people.  Make it fine dining, and limit it to your immediate family and closest friends.  It won't be cheap exactly, but it is MUCH cheaper than mediocre food for 200.

3. Make your own bouquet.  Either go to your local flower shop and ask for help or stop by Whole Foods flower department.  They have decent prices for gorgeous flowers, and there's nothing wrong with a simple and pretty bouquet.  You can have it preserved and framed for your house for not too much money!

4. Have a baller honeymoon.  With all that dough you saved on your dress, food, flowers, and venue, you can probably afford a much nicer honeymoon.

Ready, set, get married!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Scouts Honor

Right now I'm not the hugest fan of Boy Scouts as an organization.  While I think it's great they're going to allow gay members, I think it's too little too late, and I also think that there isn't really any issue allowing boy scout leaders to be gay (and out).  Homosexuality isn't contagious, and I personally think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it in the first place.  I don't see any reason to even talk about it in this context other than to say, do what makes you happy, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone .  

Anyway, rant over.  What I really want to talk about is boy scout inspired clothing.  It's pretty great.  

Here's a dress currently available in my store on etsy that covers all the basics of scout-inspired clothing.

Let's go over all the fun details:
1. The colors are scout colors - army green, red, and tan.  It's awesome.  
2. POCKETS!!!  There's a pocket on the left breast and also two pockets at the hip!  Carry your supplies in there!  (No, don't - unless you want to look hippy and not in the peace & love sort of way.)  
3. Cut - this is cut similar to a boy scout shirt, but it is tailored to a feminine shape.  That is what I call the best of both worlds.  

So....buy it!  Or at least be inspired by it.  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

10 Things (I hate about) Me

Since I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write, and also since I have virtually no readers, I thought I'd do one of those "get to know me" posts for when new readers finally show up. Here goes!

1. I am very honest, almost (or totally, depending on who you ask) to a fault.  I'm sardonic, sarcastic, and a pretty much a barrel of very dry laughs.
2. I met my husband at 18, married him at 21, and am trying to get knocked up at 23 (although no dice so far).  I know you want to tell me about the statistics.  Please don't. I already know!
3.  I graduated college at 20 with the world's most useless degree - philosophy. Hence the online shop in lieu of a real job.
4. I work as a nanny for my real dollars (shop is mainly for fun now but will hopefully turn into more later).
5. I have two dogs (mutts), and they hate each other. We're working on it.  Slowly.
6. I went to culinary school, and it made me hate cooking for awhile.  I've come around though, and I love it again.
7. I'm Jewish but I'm a very bad Jew.  Have only been in a temple once since my wedding over 2 years ago, and it wasn't by choice.
8. I hate raw onions with everything within me.
9. My favorite kind of food is Indian food, but only from Silver Coin (shoutout peeps who will never ever read this!!).
10. My goal for this year is to learn to sew.  I made curtains for my house last year but I used stitch witchery.  Dreadful.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outfit of the Day

This time of year is the most difficult time for getting dressed.  Wear jeans, and you're going to sweat.  Shorts and you're going to freeze.  So what's a girl to do?  My favorite go-to in between seasons outfits are vintage dresses. They're usually on the longer side (below my knees), so there's not too much exposed skin.  Also, the fabric is not especially breathable (hey polyester!), and while this might not be ideal in the hot summer months, it's perfect for a day when you don't want to feel every cold breeze on your legs.  Here's what I wore for one of those cool but not cold days:

To buy this dress, click here!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother's Day Guide

Moms, man.  They're pretty neat.  I mean, they wipe your butt, take care of you when you're sick, teach you to chew with your mouth closed (I hope) and to say please and thank you.  And all they get is one measly day out of the year.  I say that you should really go all out if you had a good mom.  You don't really need to spend a ton of money, although its a nice gesture if you can.  Still wondering what you should do for your mama for Mother's Day?  Here are some ideas:

1. If you can cook, do that.  If you still live with her, make it breakfast in bed.  If not, have her over to your (cleaned) house for brunch.  I'd go for this French toast recipe, with some bacon, fresh fruit, coffee, and her favorite juice.  If she drinks, have mimosa ingredients.  Moms love mimosas. If you drink but she doesn', pour some whiskey in your coffee and be cool.

2. Step two: flowers.  Just go to the market and buy the ones that look the least dead.  Moms love flowers.  End of story.  (Side note: some moms prefer living plants to cut flowers, so buy accordingly.)

3. A card is always nice.  Make one or just buy it.  Here are some that made me giggle.  If you're not sure if your mom would like a funny card, go sappy.  Sappy never hurt anybody's feelings.  And hurt feelings are NOT what you're going for.

4. This is not necessary, but if you can do it, it's nice.  Buy (or make if your crafty) a gift. Has she been wanting a kindle?  Get it.  How about a cute scarf or handbag?  Does she wear jewelry?  That one's pretty fool proof.  Is she super duper picky?  Gift card!

If you follow some or all of these steps, you'll end up with a really happy mom come Mother's Day. If you don't do anything, you're a turd.  Don't be a turd.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Shop for Vintage Dresses Online

Vintage dresses can be a difficult item to shop for.  For one, the sizing system was on a totally different scale, and there wasn't a ton of consistency among various brands.  So what's a girl to do?

Know your measurements.  The most important ones are bust, waist, and hip.  The rest are nice to know if you're shopping for something really form fitting online and can't try on, but otherwise those three should be enough.  Measure with a soft tape measure, and don't measure tightly unless that's how you like your clothes to fit.

Now that you know your measurements, you can start looking at dresses online.  A lot of sellers will tell you the original size of the dress, what it fits like (approximately) by today's standards, and its measurements flat.  The measurements (again) are important. Double the flat measurement, and compare to your 3-dimensional measurements.  If an item has an elastic waist, ask the seller to stretch and measure to get an idea of the range of fit.  Never trust a seller's claim "fits like a 6!" without measurements to back it up.

Another thing you want to keep an eye out for is length. In a perfect world, we would all find dresses that fit perfectly and are all the right length, but let me tell you, if you are not particularly tall (and sometimes even if you are), it isn't going to happen.  Go for a dress that fits your measurements up top, and either learn to sew a hem or invest a few bucks in getting it professionally hemmed.  It shouldn't be terribly expensive, and you can select your most flattering length.  Vintage dresses, although super neat, we're not cut the same way we are used to wearing them.  They were often past the knee (midi-length), which doesn't look good on most people.  Considering having dresses hemmed opens up a whole new world of dress options that, with a little work, could be perfect for you.  If you have a little extra cash to spend on alterations, also be open to dresses that are bigger than your size all around.  You can have them taken in at a tailor, and if you can do this, you have a much greater selection of dresses with a wider variety of colors, styles, and cool details.

After you've figured out what sizes to look for, you can really start digging to figure out what you want regarding color and cut. The best way to do this is to browse for fun without any pressure.  Don't wait until you need to find something, because you'll never match the picture in your head up with something real.  Peruse when you're bored, bookmarking or favoriting everything you kind of like.  Then, when you do get ready to purchase, you have everything already picked through, and you can just figure out your favorites.

Lastly, think about what shapes, patterns and colors flatter you.  What looks good on you depends on your hair color and length, skin tone, body type, and stature.  Think about the qualities that your current wardrobe items have.  What is it about your favorite dresses make them your favorite?  What items do you get the most compliments on?  Take those basic ideas and apply them to your search for vintage dresses.  However, don't be too firm in your requirements.  Just because you've never worn a particular color or style of dress doesn't mean you shouldn't.  If all else fails, just look for things that jump off the page at you.  If you are drawn to it, consider it.  Chances are if you think it's neat, other people will too,

Pro tip: you can wear just about any color (yes, even the ones your mother said washed you out) on any skin tone with the right blush.  Just apply a bright pink, coral, or bronze color on the apples of your cheeks and you're good to go.