Monday, April 29, 2013

Scouts Honor

Right now I'm not the hugest fan of Boy Scouts as an organization.  While I think it's great they're going to allow gay members, I think it's too little too late, and I also think that there isn't really any issue allowing boy scout leaders to be gay (and out).  Homosexuality isn't contagious, and I personally think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it in the first place.  I don't see any reason to even talk about it in this context other than to say, do what makes you happy, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone .  

Anyway, rant over.  What I really want to talk about is boy scout inspired clothing.  It's pretty great.  

Here's a dress currently available in my store on etsy that covers all the basics of scout-inspired clothing.

Let's go over all the fun details:
1. The colors are scout colors - army green, red, and tan.  It's awesome.  
2. POCKETS!!!  There's a pocket on the left breast and also two pockets at the hip!  Carry your supplies in there!  (No, don't - unless you want to look hippy and not in the peace & love sort of way.)  
3. Cut - this is cut similar to a boy scout shirt, but it is tailored to a feminine shape.  That is what I call the best of both worlds. it!  Or at least be inspired by it.  

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