Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother's Day Guide

Moms, man.  They're pretty neat.  I mean, they wipe your butt, take care of you when you're sick, teach you to chew with your mouth closed (I hope) and to say please and thank you.  And all they get is one measly day out of the year.  I say that you should really go all out if you had a good mom.  You don't really need to spend a ton of money, although its a nice gesture if you can.  Still wondering what you should do for your mama for Mother's Day?  Here are some ideas:

1. If you can cook, do that.  If you still live with her, make it breakfast in bed.  If not, have her over to your (cleaned) house for brunch.  I'd go for this French toast recipe, with some bacon, fresh fruit, coffee, and her favorite juice.  If she drinks, have mimosa ingredients.  Moms love mimosas. If you drink but she doesn', pour some whiskey in your coffee and be cool.

2. Step two: flowers.  Just go to the market and buy the ones that look the least dead.  Moms love flowers.  End of story.  (Side note: some moms prefer living plants to cut flowers, so buy accordingly.)

3. A card is always nice.  Make one or just buy it.  Here are some that made me giggle.  If you're not sure if your mom would like a funny card, go sappy.  Sappy never hurt anybody's feelings.  And hurt feelings are NOT what you're going for.

4. This is not necessary, but if you can do it, it's nice.  Buy (or make if your crafty) a gift. Has she been wanting a kindle?  Get it.  How about a cute scarf or handbag?  Does she wear jewelry?  That one's pretty fool proof.  Is she super duper picky?  Gift card!

If you follow some or all of these steps, you'll end up with a really happy mom come Mother's Day. If you don't do anything, you're a turd.  Don't be a turd.

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