Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where to Shop for Non-Vintage

Vintage clothes are awesome, but they're not appropriate for every situation.  Sometimes you need to look trendy and sometimes you just need to blend in a little more (ugh).  So where are the best shopping sites for new clothes at decent prices?

1. I know I am all over the thrift store all the time, but you just can't beat the price.  Often you can find new or nearly new clothing items for less than $5.  I run across those basic target boyfriend tee shirts at least once a week, and Forever 21 clothes wind up there quite a lot.  I'm not saying it's always a jackpot, but it's worth a browse before you move on to more expensive options.

2. Target.  It's not that well-made, but Target has a lot of really cute options.  They carry tons of basic tee shirts in a variety of colors, plenty of adorable summer sun dresses, and even some decent work wear.  However, if you're going to shop here for clothes, be prepared to run into someone wearing the same thing nearly every time.  You will look pretty cute, but it's going to be cookie cutter.

3. Forever 21.  It smells bad, it is disorganized, and it can be pretty tacky.  But it also has super trendy things at really good prices.  You get what you pay for, though.  The clothes aren't going to last more than 1 season (2 tops), and they're so trendy that you're going to hate them by next year anyway.  But it's good if you need a flashy dress for a party and don't have a lot of cash.  They also have some ok basic tanks, tees, and leggings.  Don't get the bulk of your wardrobe here though.  This stuff is cheap, and it looks cheap.  Plus, the factories where the clothes are made are pretty much sweat shops.  Some of the clothes pretty darn cute, though, if you can get past that guilt.

4. H&M.  Cute clothes at great prices.  Same issues as Forever 21.  A little more grown up looking clothes though.  You MUST try it on before you buy it.  The fit on this stuff varies pretty widely.

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